Friday, August 13, 2010

A trip to Turkey Hill

I'm not sure why, but our local Kroger has been having a blowout on Turkey Hill ice cream the last couple of weeks, selling it at $1.99 a box! The shelves are getting mighty bare in that area, leading me to believe that they're trying to clear it out entirely. My freezer is now well-fortified with Turkey Hill for the foreseeable future, and I've tried two flavors so far.

Chocolate pretzel is a low-fat variety, and it is phenomenal. There are ample chocolate-covered pretzel pieces, and the ice cream itself is a very light vanilla that allows their flavor to shine through. The only drawback is the fudge swirl; when you hit a large deposit of it, you can tell it has a pretty artificial, almost burnt flavor, but fortunately, there isn't much of the swirl in most of the box.

The other flavor I've sampled is black raspberry. This isn't an ice cream flavor you see very often, but I remembered enjoying it from Schwann's many moons ago. Unfortunately, the Turkey Hill iteration isn't leaving me with much enjoyment. Oh, the first bite is bursting with black raspberryness, but then the flavor just seems to disappear. (Like with other "only the first bite is good" flavors I've encountered, that means I'm going to be nursing this box for a long, long time.) Looking at the ingredients, it's not hard to understand the lack of raspberry flavor; there is less raspberry than corn syrup in the ingredients. Skimp on the fruit and you'll get a skimpy fruit ice cream. It's that simple.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010