Monday, February 23, 2009

February TV roundup

So it's almost exactly a month since my last TV-related post, and I've got stuff to say. Let's go through the week in order and tick the shows off my list one by one.
  • Chuck- The 3-D episode made my head hurt, and so I found the 2-D version on Hulu and watched that instead. It was an ok episode, but not the ideal one for either 3-D or introducing a whole horde of new viewers to the show. I have to say, though, that last week's Valentine's Day episode was pretty romantic and sweet. Chuck and Sarah got to see what it would be like to be married, if only for a day or so.
  • Heroes- The first episode of this new volume gave me hope, but I've lost it again. I don't really understand where the writers are going with this, and I don't really care. I'm just watching out of obligation and to see the Sylar subplot. It's kind of sad that he's my favorite character now.
  • Trust Me- I watched this show for 3 weeks before giving up on it, which means that it's not really terrible, just not to my liking. I guess it comes down to the fact that, while it was a very nice show to look at, there were no characters I could particularly relate to or drool over, and the plots weren't really that exciting.
  • American Idol- I only start watching when the voting starts, so for me it was last week. I'm liking this new format, and they actually got me to watch the whole results show for once! So far so good, although I'm torn whether to watch this or Reaper after it comes back next week.
  • Privileged- Tomorrow is the show's last episode, and unless a major miracle occurs, that's it. This really was a cute show, and I'll probably miss it once in a while, but if it's cancelled, it's not going to ruin my life. Especially since they sent Charlie away to college.
  • Fringe- I can't believe we have to wait until April! Stupid 2-hour American Idol!
  • Life- I love this show, and it's hard to say why. I guess it's a combination of the intricacy of the murder setups and my love for all things redheaded, including Charlie Crews.
  • Life on Mars- I'm still loving this show! The soundtrack, the clothes, the hair, the shoutouts to 70's cop shows. And yes, Jason O'Mara is very, very cute.
  • Ugly Betty- This is better than it was at the beginning of the year, and I'm so glad that Christina's baby was finally, finally born.
  • Friday Night Lights- This just keeps getting better and better. Jason Street is such a devoted father that it warms my heart, and I'm so glad that Matt and Julie have gotten back together. I worry about Tyra and that cowboy, though. Are we actually going to get to see the wedding of her sister and Tim's brother, because that promises to be a real hoot? The wedding dress had me in stitches!
  • Dollhouse- I'm liking this so far. I've never really understood how the concept was going to make a satisfying TV show, but I'm willing to go along for the ride and find out.
  • Medium- I don't understand why Lifetime is showing the current season only two weeks behind NBC, but I'm not complaining. This week they did their thing where they moved it because of a movie so I taped the wrong thing, but it's ok, because I can watch it online!
  • Simpsons- I haven't actually watched an episode in the new format, but I saw the new opening credits and they're pretty snazzy. A good mix of the old and the new.
  • Brothers and Sisters- Everyone is abuzz about who's going to get murdered next week. My money is on Tommy, since we know he was fired from the show, but that could be a red herring.

In DVD news, I'm just about to start Family Ties. I didn't always understand the show when I was in 2nd grade, although I identified with Jennifer, who was only two years older than I was. (And 9 seems like such a big girl to 7, so I looked up to her too.) We'll see how much more I see in it now that I'm an adult.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Two months

So it's been a long time since I said anything substantial here, and it's not that I haven't been thinking about things. It's just that I've felt like I couldn't say anything that I wanted everybody in the world to hear. My life has been full of a lot of secrets lately, some of which I'm still not ready to reveal. But while I was taking a nice brisk (in both senses of the word) walk today on the bike path, I had a thought that I felt was worth exploring here. In two words, it's "two months."

What do I mean by that? Well, I've had a number of significant relationships in my life, and because I'm a loyal person, many of them have gone on in some form or another for years. But to be perfectly honest, the amount of time in which I was actually happy and things were going well has always been the same: 2 months. Take this summer, for instance, when I had my little idyll immortalized in these pages. It was exactly two months long to the day. And of course, last spring I met Aethelred Eldridge and we were so intrigued with each other for, you guessed it, two months, and then things just trailed off. After I graduated from library school, I had a wonderful intimate liaison with someone that lasted exactly two months, until we both found jobs and went back to real life. And just to show you that this trend has gone on for a long time, I was recently reunited with an old old old flame on Facebook. (By which I mean from 5th grade.) Although we knew each other for years after that period, when I look back on it, there were only two months that we were very happy, before all the teasing I got from classmates made me back away.

I'm still not sure if this means something, and if so, what? Is two months all the good I've got in me for anybody? That's a depressing thought. Maybe what it means is that when I meet someone new, instead of hoping that things last forever, I should just try to get the most out of the next two months that I can. If I take that strategy, the next two months could be very interesting indeed!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Flour tortilla mystery solved

This just in! Flour tortillas are used in areas of northern Mexico and the southwestern U.S.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Isn't it so cool?

I saw today that they have brought back Cherry 7-Up, although I don't think it tastes at all the same. Well, here's an ad for the original.

The Swiss spaghetti harvest

Here's a fun video I found on YouTube. It may be 50 years old, but it still amuses.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Henrietta's wedding

I had a dream based on the song "Henrietta's Wedding" (from the Muppet Show) last night. It was my wedding everybody was planning, and I kept telling everyone I couldn't remember who I was going to marry, when in actuality there was no groom! But the important thing was that Spicey and Jillie were going to be bridesmaids, and we were going to serve green apple and cherry punch. There were also flowers and dresses, just no groom!