Friday, June 21, 2013

Artisanal Cheese Club, Month 4

Here are the four cheeses we received this month.

Nancy's Camembert--  This cheese from the Hudson Valley of New York has a very smooth and buttery texture.  It's somewhat unusual, as it's made from a combination of cow and sheep milk.  The taste has varied throughout the sample we got.  The outer areas seemed very mild, but it seems to be getting stronger as we get farther in.  This is also kind of unusual, since most cheeses are strongest on the outside.  I like it, but my husband says it tastes like grass and won't eat any more.

Zamorano--  This is a sheep's milk cheese from Spain.  It's your standard hard white cheese.  I'm running out of different things to say about these!

Comte-- This is a very nice cheese from France.  In texture it reminds me something of Swiss (but without the eyes).  It tastes very much like the Seven Sisters that we liked so much a few months ago.

Berkshire Blue--  Once again, the picture on the Artisanal website does not do this cheese justice.  It has even more mold on the outside than the Selles Sur Cher we had last month.  (If you're interested, you can see some better photos at the Berkshire Blue website.)   It is a very mild and smooth tasting blue from Massachusetts.  Artisanal says it tastes of "hay and hide," but I say it tastes like a barn, but in a good way.  (Only a farm girl could get away with saying that, right?)