Sunday, October 7, 2007

New TV Shows, Part III

I'm going to update you on the few new shows I've seen since I wrote my first recap.

Life is Wild
Grade: A

I really loved this show! It's the kind of Sunday night family show that they haven't had for a few years. It's about a Brady-bunch type family that moves to Africa. There are tons of cute animals, and lots of believeable family conflict. I think this one is going to be great!

Grade: C

Well, this one wasn't as bad as I'd heard, but that's about all I can say for it. I don't think I'll be watching it again.

Grade: B

It's a lot funnier than Cavemen, so their juxtaposition probably helps it seem better than it is. I didn't hate it, and I might watch it again, but I don't think I'll be adding it to my Tuesday night lineup permanently. But one of my coworkers thought it was hilarious, so it's possible that it'll grow on me.

Pushing Daisies
Grade: A

I loved this one! The bright colors, the narrator, the whimsical music, all of it is great. And yet the plot isn't so saccharine-sweet that it turns you off. There's a nice contrast between the grittiness of the dead bodies and the murders and the whimsicality of the settings and the main characters. I hope this one has a long life.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

New show update

I've seen second episodes of most of the shows I reviewed last week, so I'm going to give you an update on how my feelings have changed.

Chuck- This got better on the second episode, I thought, and I could really see the humor coming through. Also, I've seen some people compare this to Moonlighting because of the way the lead characters like each other but can't talk about it, and I feel the comparison is apt. I'm definitely going to keep watching this now.

Journeyman- The second episode of this was much better. They got me when he leaped into that 70's airplane, and there were all kinds of comic touches to demonstrate how different things were back then, like the man listening to the transistor radio and the boy playing with the toy gun, but they didn't beat us over the head with them. Overall, I thought this episode was much better, although I still felt it was a little bit downbeat. I'll keep watching for now, but I'm still not completely convinced. The previews for next week looked promising, though.

Reaper- This episode was almost as funny as the first one, and if I wasn't sold before, I am now. I did get kind of mad at our hero, though, for not opening the box for so long. I was dying to see what was in it, and I didn't understand why he wasn't as well.

Cane- This didn't do anything for me at all, and I kept looking at the clock to see when it would be over. I don't think there's necessarily anything wrong with the show. It's just that they seem determined to make it into a combination of The Sopranos and Dallas, and since I don't really like either of those shows, there's nothing for me to get excited about here. I've decided that I won't be watching it in the future.

Gossip Girl- The third episode was a return to form and seemed much stronger to me than the second. I might stick with this one a while longer, especially since I'm not feeling too optimistic about Bionic Woman.

Bionic Woman- Although it's not like it was completely horrible this week. I actually found it much more watchable, although there were a few things that didn't make sense. But they did a much better job of belatedly introducing us to Jamie's normal life, and she actually got to go on a mission. Plus we got to see Isaiah Washington! I know I'm supposed to hate him because he's not so nice in real life, but on screen he always projects this aura of trustworthiness, and that's all that really matters to me. After all, it's the character I'm inviting into my living room, not the real guy. But I digress. At any rate, they pulled it out of the fire for me, and I'll watch again next week.

Big Shots- This didn't pull me in as much as last week, but it still was good enough to hold my interest. However, I noticed how few paying ads there actually were during the show, so I suspect it won't be on much longer because it's not earning its keep.

Dirty Sexy Money- I liked the second episode better than the first. I'm still not as over-the-moon about it as some people, but I also remember I didn't instantly love Brothers and Sisters, so I'm going to keep going with it for a while. There were some nice touches this week, like Brian trying to pass off his son as an orphan from Sweden, and Tripp speaking to him in Swedish. (Seriously, how can you not know your father speaks Swedish?)

Moonlight- I did end up taping this one. I'm not sure it's compelling enough that I'll tape it every week, but I do hope to watch it at times when Friday Night Lights is a repeat. This episode reminded me a lot of a Dresden Files episode, and I guess they're going for the same kind of low-key vibe. My only worry is that that approach didn't really save the Dresden Files, now did it?